• Our company is involved exclusively in providing service- we offer consulting and accounting services for entrepreneurs and economic entities.
  • Hence, the business in our company is conducted in such a manner that client has a clear impression of being on a place where someone is looking after his/her business, and where, with all respects professional and competent service will be provided.
  • We are based in the centre of Novi Sad and 25 people are employed here.
  • We have twenty two year of experience in our Agency, and prior to that many years of working in taxes and accounting.
  • It is our intention to expand our array of services and raise the level of those as much as possible so as to be competitive than others.
  • Our company establishes long term relations with clients, based on trust and cooperation, in order to jointly overcome the problems we face in business, dilemmas on what type of company to start up, from time to time there is economic instability, frequent changes in regulations and other.  

Our services


To our clients the following services are provided:

  • starting up a business or a company
  • opening a current bank account
  • doing business through accounts
  • monitoring the liability, calculate and pay the turnover tax and VAT,
  • liability to pay the income tax and fringes
  • profit tax
  • taxes on other incomes…
  • bookkeeping for legal entities
  • bookkeeping for entrepreneurs
  • participating and involved in any sort of audit or control
  • preparing financial statements and other accounts
  • service of putting in the daily profits
  • service for internal payments
  • monitoring the dates of due payments
  • collecting documentation
  • monthly reports
  • employment contracts
  • health insurance (cards)
  • completely developed and organized courier service and delivery
  • legal dealings, protection and advice
  • all other business analysis
  • Our employees are trained to follow on the state-of-arts in accounting and practical use of regulations, both for economic entities and other legal persons, and for entrepreneurs as well.


We would like your business performance to be fully in accord with positive regulations and in abidance with the liabilities, for breaching which serious fines are prescribed, and for that not to be Your problem but to be entrusted to a professional and reliable company.

 Your peace and safety in matters of tax is priceless.



    Our client base is large and from different business sectors:


  1. retail trade
  2. wholesale trade 
  3. catering industry
  4. other services
  5. production
  6. export- import…
  7. A large number of companies, together with us, with our supports find their ways to develop, and that is never the same, never without troubles, often difficult and unpredictable. 


 Good cooperation is established with:


  • Tax Authorities
  • Republic Pension and Disability  Insurance Fund
  • Republic Institute for Health Insurance
  • Institute  for  Social insurance
  • Other expert associations
  • all supervisory and inspection authorities in Municipality and Republic
  • a few consulting agencies for accounting and taxes
  • distinguished members of Association of Accounting companies in Novi Sad
  • we are active participants in all local and republic tribunes and meetings on regulations, their changes and use in practice 


The company is divided into Departments:

  1. Accounting for legal entities
  2. Accounting for entrepreneurs
  3. In charge of Labour and Labour relations, calculating salaries
  4. General business operations, in regard to electronic payments, monitoring the due dates of payments, payment monitoring, daily contacts with Tax Authorities and courier service 


Employed in the company are:


  • graduated economists
  • economists
  • lawyer
  • economics school


There are a number of stabile phone lines, two fax numbers and 10 mobile phone numbers. Each work place is equipped with a PC, printer and other necessary equipment.Our company is completely equipped with latest IT and we frequently carry out maintainance and keep back ups of data. 


DOO TRGOSERVIS  -  LLC for accounting and bookkeeping


phone number :







Naša firma se bavi isključivo uslužnom delatnosti  - pružamo konsalting i knjigovodstvene usluge za preduzetnike i privredna društva.



Knjigovodstvena Agencija

21000 NOVI SAD


Kontakt za pravna lica

Naš tim za pravna lica:
Mila Budić, Sladjana Disić, Olivera Dračanski, Marija Kuzmanović, Duška Perović Cicmil, Sandra Knežević

Tel: 021/557-539; 557-534
Mob: 063/557716 i 063/557370 

Kontakt za preduzetnike

Naš tim za preduzetnike:

Vesna Vukov; Zorica Apić
Sonja Adamović; Mina Šuvak
Marijana Petrović

Tel: 021/557-539; 557-534
Mob: 063/557716 i 063/557370 

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